September 5, 2009

Shree Ramnathi Temple, Ponda

The Ramnathi Temple, also known as the Shanteri Kamakshi Temple, is situated close to the Shantadurga Temple at Kavelim.

Temple Entrance:

Most of the people visiting this temple enter the temple from steps connecting the car parking to the temple office; the temple canteen is close to these steps. However, the actual entrance is a parallel to this entrance, and has the temple lake (each temple in Goa has lake attached to the temple for various rituals).

Ramnathi Entrance

The above snap is of this entrance. An arc on the left hand side of this snap is the entrance to this lake

Deep Stambh at Shanteri Kamakshi Temple:

Deep Stambh Ramnathi Templ

As with the other temples in Goa, the Ramnathi temple has a Deep Stambh which welcomes you on arrival. This is a nice place to rest after a long walk around the temple complex or after the circumambulation of this temple. The Ramnathi temple office is situated right next to the Deep Stambh.

Ramnathi Temple Entrance

The main temple entrance is surreal and as the renovation works were recently completed, the colours on the walls were bright and shining with the sun.

Betal and Kalbhairav Temple:

Betal Kalbhairav Temple Ramnathi

There are a large number of rooms for staying in the temple complex; some of these rooms can be seen right after the Betal and Kalbhairava Temple (building with blue sheets in this photo). These rooms offer a nice view of the temple complex. The next two photos are of the view from one such room.

Entrance of Ramnathi Temple, view from Rooms

Ramnathi Temple

Circumambulation of the Shanteri Kamakshi Temple:

The next three snaps were taking while circumambulating the main Ramnathi Temple. The first one was taken while walking from the room towards the various halls where various poojas and marriages are performed. On the right of this photo are the various rooms and the Betal and KalBhairvav Temple.

Ramnathi Temple

The next snap is of the backside of the Ramnathi temple. The entrance to the various halls is on the right side of this snap. This temple was among the first temples to build rooms for visitors, hence the whole temple complex is full of rooms and halls

Ramnathi Temple

The next snap is of the other side of the temple complex, leading to the main entrance and the office. The well which is exactly in the centre of this image, is used to fetch water for the various Abhishekas in the temple.

Ramnathi Temple

Temple of the Kula Purushas At Ramnathi:

Kula Purush Temples Ramnathi

The Ramnathi temple also has a few temples of the Kula Purushas or the first family of the various families that have Ramnathi or Shanteri Kamakshi as their Kula Devata, or Family Deity. Each temple, has an idol of the main family and a Shiva linga for that family. These temples are generally not visited by most of the people, the reason of which I do not know. This time, however, I made it a point to at least see the room where my Kula Purusha temple was.

Palki at Ramnathi Temple:

Every monday the Palki of the deities is taken out for a circumambulation of the temple complex. I was fortunate enough to see this, however, due to the rains, the procession was taken only in to the hall in the main temple. As it was the month of Shravan, there were a huge number of people who attended this ceremony.


While returning I could not resist taking a snap of the Deep Stambh or the Light Tower at the night. These kind of towers served as the light houses for the travellers and other people visiting this area.

Deep Stambh Ramnathi

In general this visit to Goa, despite being a short one was really fulfilling and relaxing, partly because I had my camera and could concentrate on the colours and see the magic played by the clouds on the shades of the temple complex.


  1. Thanks for an informative blog and really nice pictures.

    I am planning to visit Ramnathi Temple later this year with my family. Would like to have your opinion about the accommodation facilities at the Temple (cleanliness of rooms,bathroom, food etc). Satish Shenoy

  2. Rooms are clean and so are the bathrooms; one thing that I dislike is the western style but I guess some people prefer it. The common bathrooms are also clean (some rooms do not have an attached bathroom). Hot water can be collected from the solar water heater. You can check the timings and the price per bucket. The canteen is nice, however, when I visited I went to the Nageshi canteen where the food was amazing.

  3. Do you have any photos of the rooms that you can post or share? - dinesh

  4. Hi Ashwin

    Just got back from Goa after staying at Ramnathi. Would like to add some updates:
    1) The rooms are really neat and clean. If the room/bathroom needs cleaning one can approach the caretaker.
    2) Hot solar water is piped into the bathroom (separate tap connected by a black plastic pipe). The hot water runs out quickly when all the rooms are fully occupied.
    3)The Ramnathi Temple office opens at 7:30AM and closes at 9:00pm. One can phone the office and book rooms in advance.
    4)The food served in Ramnathi Temple canteen is good - they also serve meals in the canteen - the meals have to be booked before 7:00pm
    5)I also visited the Temples in your blog - thanks for the background on these temples. There are taxis available near Ramanathi Temple and one can book one of these to visit other temples.

    Best Regards

    Satish Shenoy

  5. Thank you for the updates related to the rooms.


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